Accessibility Policy

Smucker Foods of Canada Corp. (“Smucker”, “The Company” or “we”) is committed to treating all people in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence. We will deliver on this commitment by identifying, preventing and removing barriers to accessibility in a timely manner; by incorporating principles of integration and equal opportunity and by meeting accessibility requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and other applicable accessibility legislation.

Accessibility Policy (PDF)

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

The Company has developed and will continue to maintain a Multi-Year Plan outlining the Company’s strategy to prevent and remove barriers from its workplace and to improve opportunities for persons with disabilities.

The Multi-Year Accessibility Plan will be reviewed and updated at leave once every five (5) years and will be posted on the Company’s website. Upon request, the Company will provide a copy of the Accessibility Plan in an accessible format.

Multi-Year Plan (PDF)

Customer Service Accessibility Policy

Smucker Foods of Canada Corp. is committed to excellence in serving all of its customers, including customers with disabilities.

Smucker will provide people with disabilities the opportunity to access our goods and services and will ensure that our accessible customer service polices are consistent with the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equality of opportunity for people with disabilities.

Accessible Customer Service Policy (PDF)


Smucker welcomes feedback on how we provide accessible customer service. Customer feedback will help us identify barriers and respond to customers.

Customers who wish to provide feedback on the way Smucker provides goods, services or facilities to people with disabilities can provide feedback in the following ways:




AODA Feedback
Smucker Foods of Canada Corp.
80 Whitehall Dr.
Markham, ON L3R 0P3

Smucker will ensure our feedback process is accessible to people with disabilities by providing or arranging for accessible formats and communication supports, upon request.

Multiyear Plan